(We Also Offer Special 4hr., 6hr., 8hr., 12hr., and One Day Seminars.   Hands-on not included in abbreviated seminars.)
We offer "Challenging the Myths", "From Beginning to Winning", and "Enhancing Your Win Capability Seminars" amongst others.

We will work with you to specially design a Gilberts'  K-9 Seminar for your organization. We personally guarantee that no two presentations are identical.

We have presented Benefit Seminars and donated our fees for: AHCA Health Fund, AKC/CAR, AKC Canine Health Foundation, Leader Dogs for the Blind, Take the Lead, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Hurricane Katrina causes, Keeshond Donor's Circle Trust, Irish Setter Club of America Health Foundation, Weimaraner Club of America Health, Doberman Pinscher Club of America Health Centennial Circle, and several other wonderful organizations. Please contact us for your Benefit Seminar.

The mission and goal of Gilberts' K-9 Seminars is to serve breeders, conformation and performance exhibitors, handlers, trainers, judges and other enthusiasts who comprise the sport of purebred dogs through educational Seminars. The goal of the educational Seminars is to provide comprehensive and conclusive information on canine structure and movement. The goal of this information is to provide for the promotion of showing and breeding for type and function of purebred dogs based on breed specific facts. In the meeting of these goals attendees will become independent thinkers and will be challenged to properly evaluate dogs, thereby preparing them to be a more intelligent breeder, exhibitor, handler and judge.

Presently Gilberts’ K-9 Seminars are presenting two different two-day Seminars for the serious dog fancier. The first Seminar is titled Gilberts’ K-9 Structure & Movement Seminar = Enhancing Your Win Capability, From Beginning to Winning. The first day of this two-day Seminar is 8 hours on Canine Anatomy in PowerPoint, while the second day covers 4 hours on Movement in PowerPoint and 4 hours on 10 different breed specific hands-on evaluations. Attendees can attend the full two days, just the first day or just the second day.

The second Seminar is titled Gilberts’ K-9 Movement Seminar, The Dynamics of K-9 Locomotion. The emphasis is on breed specific movement is a part of breed type. The first day of this two-day Seminar is 8 hours on Canine Structure and Movement in PowerPoint, while the second day covers 4 hours on Movement in PowerPoint and 4 hours on 10 different breed specific hands-on evaluations of movement. The PowerPoint contains movement video. Attendees can attend the full two days, just the first day or just the second day.

In addition to the two-day Seminar, From Beginning to Winning, we have a one day 8 hour PowerPoint Challenging the Myths Seminars. The one day Seminar covers both Anatomy and Movement without dogs. We also have 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 hour PowerPoint presentations which are ideal for Regional or National Specialties or cluster shows.

All seminars are tailored to your requirements in terms of time and emphasis. No two Seminars have been or will be the same.

Seminars in the US are based on AKC Standards; Seminars in Canada are based on CKC Standards. Seminars in other countries are based on both FCI and US Standards, depending upon the country.

Presented by: ED & PAT GILBERT
Build on the Basics.  Structure for form and function. How structure along with proper conditioning and handling affects movement. Why breed specific movement is correct and the "Generic Show Dog" movement is incorrect for your breed. It makes no difference whether you show, breed, hunt, work, do obedience, agility or anything else with your dog(s). This Seminar will permit you to properly evaluate dogs. Thereby preparing you to be a more intelligent breeder, exhibitor, handler and judge.

There is a need in the world of dogs for a comprehensive, conclusive Seminar on canine structure and movement. Our Seminar fills that need.

The basis of our Seminar is the book K-9 Structure & Terminology. The first day is an electronic PowerPoint data/video presentation which provides the basic fundamentals that will be applied during the second day. The second day continues the PowerPoint presentation and consists of an evaluation of dogs in order to enhance your win capability. The dogs will be evaluated and recommendations will be made for increasing the depth of your knowledge with breed specific handling tips. You will be asked to "Listen, Think, and Be Challenged." The entire Seminar is interactive so that you can ask questions and learn from the presenters' broad based experience.

There are two objectives of our Seminar: first, to train your mind to know what to look for in evaluating dogs; second, to begin training the subconscious mind to react quickly and recognize perfection, not imperfection, in the total dog before your eyes. Always look for breed type with quality!

Our Seminar will point out which structure or structures best accomplish a particular work purpose. Form follows function. Correct breed specific grooming and presentation will enhance form, but correct structure is required for the dog to function in accordance with the Standard. We hope that you become an independent thinker rather than a follower of the crowd.

Day 1- Morning & Afternoon Practical K-9 Anatomy (Without Dogs)
Fundamentals of Evaluating Dogs
Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons, Joints/Levers
The Head
Posed Examination
Front and Rear Action Together
Gaits of the Dog
Day 2 - Morning Practical K-9 Locomotion & Enhancing Your Win Capability
Principles of Judging Movement
Sustained Trotting Styles
Trotting Styles for Galloping Breeds
Trotting Styles for Special Purposes
Day 2 - Afternoon (With Dogs)
Attendees will make the most of this experience by listening, taking notes, asking questions, and learning and being challenged.

Junior Policy - Honor Roll of Junior Attendees
Please encourage Junior attendance at Gilberts' K-9 Seminars.
It is strongly recommended that Juniors be able to attend at no fee or a reduced fee that covers only food costs.
This policy has been enacted in recognition of the importance of Juniors to the future of the Sport of Pure-bred dogs.

We encourage guest Junior columnists. We have dedicated Junior pages on our website. If you have brags and photos, send them and you will be included.

We offer to the Juniors and to the host clubs, at no additional cost, a one hour handling, grooming & judge's perspective Juniors only clinic at any of our seminars. Schedule to be practical and not conflict with regular contracted seminar. This session is to enhance understanding and good sportsmanship among the Juniors.

Ed & Pat have extra incentives and are accumulating airmile points to help a Junior qualifier get to Westminster in NYC.

Tell us what we can do for you! Four paws up for your ideas and involvement!

We Provide our own laptop computers and an electronic data/video projector. The presentation is a state of the art PowerPoint Video presentation. (Note: Most Seminars that use a PowerPoint presentation have the host rent the electronic data/video projector. The projector rents for $450 to $850 a day. We provide our own for no rental charge. This saves the Host between $900 to $1700.)

Looking forward to meeting you and working together for the benefit of pure-bred dogs who provide us with unconditional love.


Gilberts' K-9 Structure & Movement Seminar
For The Serious Dog Fancier
Listen, Question, Learn, and Be Challenged
Enhancing Your Win Capability