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Junior Policy - Honor Roll of Attendees
Please encourage Junior attendance at Gilberts' K-9 Seminars.
It is strongly recommended that Juniors be able to attend at no fee or a reduced fee that covers only food costs.

This policy has been enacted in recognition of the importance of Juniors to the future of the Sport of Pure-bred dogs.

We encourage guest Junior columnists. We have dedicated Junior pages on our website. If you have brags and photos, send them and you will be included.

We offer to the Juniors and to the host clubs, at no additional cost, a one hour handling, grooming & judge's perspective Juniors only clinic at any of our seminars. Schedule to be practical and not conflict with regular contracted seminar. This session is to enhance understanding and good sportsmanship among the Juniors.

Ed & Pat have extra incentives and are accumulating airmile points to help a Junior qualifier get to Westminster in NYC.

Tell us what we can do for you! Four paws up for your ideas and involvement!

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