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Gilberts' K-9 Structure & Movement Seminar
For The Serious Dog Fancier
Listen, Question, Learn, and Be Challenged
Enhancing Your Win Capability
(Interpreting the Language of Dog Fanciers and Breed Standards)
by Edward M. Gilbert, Jr & Patricia H. Gilbert
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
Edition: 2014 Paperback, 832 pages
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Illustrations by Dan Sayers
DWAA Nominated as 1 of 3 Finalists
Series of Illustrations Breed Expressions - 2013

Dogwise Publishing is very pleased to announce the release of the Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology by Edward and Patricia Gilbert.
Ed approached us nearly five years ago with an incredibly ambitious - perhaps audacious is a better word - project in which he proposed to define and describe with illustrations and/or examples virtually every term that can be applied to dogs. We had sold other popular terminology books that were largely limited to anatomical terms for many years and so we were intrigued by his proposal to also address not only anatomical terms but also those relating to coats, gait, reproduction, judging, behavior, breed nicknames - the list went on and on. So we reached an agreement with the Gilberts and took the plunge. Five years later we think we have something here that will be viewed as an incredible resource for dog enthusiasts, fanciers, judges and people who are just crazy about dogs and want to know everything they can about them.
We think there are a number of things that will make this book so unique and valuable. First is the incredible number of terms that have been included. Did you know there are well over one hundred terms alone used to describe coat color? Second is the scores of illustrations (by noted illustrator Dan Sayers) provided to help you visualize the definition of terms. And thirdly is the number of examples given for terms providing even more detailed information. Do you know which breeds are characterized by a visible occipital protuberance? Now when you hear that term bandied about by dog fanciers you will know it means and what it looks like.
But the most valuable aspect of the book relates to the issue that terms are often not used consistently from breed to breed. This inconsistency derives from the fact that many of the terms used have come from Breed Standards written by various organizations worldwide over many decades. So what is termed "hocks" in one breed may be called "rear pasterns" in another. Terms like "withers" and "topline" may mean quite different things depending on the breed being discussed. A "mantle" in one breed may be the same as a "blanket" in another. The Gilberts have dealt with this issue by taking great pains to provide examples in the book of as many inconsistent and contradictory usages of terms that they could identify - and they identified a lot! The inconsistent usage of a term may be frustrating to a novice and often may indeed be incorrect, but as Ed reminded us many times, if it's in a Breed Standard, it is "correct!"
Ed and Pat Gilbert are multiple breed and group judges, lecturers, and writers. Ed’s technical background and Pat’s all breed professional handling make them well-suited to the task of explaining canine structure and terminology. They share their life with a Saluki. Illustrator Dan Sayers is an artist, breeder of purebred dogs and regular contributor to canine publications.

Foreword Excerpt by: Dennis B. Sprung, President and CEO of the American Kennel Club, Inc.
One of the most inspiring and joyous aspects of the sport of purebred dogs is the community that has evolved among its participants. Over the years, the sheer diversity of our breeds has had the power to create an incredibly varied culture that we know simply and lovingly as the Fancy. While “dog people” truly come from all walks of life, we are all united through our passion for dogs and our commitment to the human-canine bond. Ours is undeniably a culture, with a rich history and even a vocabulary unto itself. The breadth and scope of terms captured, defined and illustrated so expertly here in the Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology proves that point. If ever there were a language of the dog fancy, Ed and Pat Gilbert are fluent in it. This book is a triumph in its detail and accuracy. In elucidating the meaning of so many terms and extracting greater understanding from the standards, the Gilberts’ work will enhance the experience of everyone from the seasoned fancier to the newcomer to the sport.
Dennis B. Sprung is the President and CEO of the American Kennel Club, Inc., the nation’s foremost not-for-profit dog registry and sports-governing body.  During his twenty-three year tenure at the American Kennel Club, Mr. Sprung has led the organization in numerous initiatives including philanthropy, affinity brand-building and licensing.
Dogs have long played a central role in Mr. Sprung’s life.  He began showing Afghan Hounds in 1968 and over the years became active in the sport.  He joined AKC as an Executive Field Representative in 1989 and was subsequently promoted to multiple executive roles including Vice President of Show Events, Vice President of Planning and Development, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and ultimately President and Chief Executive Officer. 
Mr. Sprung’s leadership has resulted in several significant organizational achievements including development of AKC’s core competencies in communications and public relations, innovations in products and services for constituents, pathways to alternative revenue, and the relocation of the AKC headquarters in New York City. 
He also volunteers as the Chairman and President of the AKC Humane Fund, Inc., a charitable 501(C) (3) organization that advances responsible pet ownership through education, outreach and grant-making. 
Mr. Sprung was the visionary behind DOGNY – America’s Tribute to Search and Rescue Dogs, a New York City public art project that raised more than $3.5 million for canine search and rescue organizations after the 9/11 attacks.

Foreword Excerpt by: John A. Hamil, DVM, Past President, California Veterinary Medical Association. Susan Hamil, Hound Group Breeder of the Year – 2006, Quiet Creek Bloodhounds.
...As students of all things dog for the better part of our lives, we often find that miscommunication results from a lack of understanding and agreement regarding the definitions for various descriptive words or terms relating to canine appearance and structure. In the veterinary, breeder, exhibitor and judging communities, accurate communication is vital in the decision making process for diagnosis, assessment of breeding stock and correct interpretations of breed standards in the conformation ring. Without complete knowledge of the terminology, it is as though we are speaking different languages.... We are now very fortunate to have a true compendium to expand and complete our knowledge of canine terminology. With 827 pages of definitions and excellent illustrations we are confident that the Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology will take it’s place as one of the essentials in every library devoted to the understanding of the form and function of the dog.
Our thanks to Ed and Pat Gilbert for completing this monumental task and as we have often heard Ed say…“think, learn and be challenged.”
John A. Hamil, DVM is the Past President, California Veterinary Medical Association, and co-author of Hands On Dog Care. Susan and Dr. John Hamil are breeders of Quiet Creek Bloodhounds. Susan LaCroix Hamil, Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), Director of the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, a Director of the Orthopedic Foundation, Director American Dog Show Judges Association, AKC Judge, Hound Group Breeder of the Year 2006.

Endorsed by: Carmen L. Battaglia, PhD., AKC Director.
Ed and Patricia Gilbert have a keen power of observation and understanding of dog anatomy, structure and movement as well as coat colors, markings and behavior. The Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology takes on the complicated topic and explains it in terms that everyone can understand. The careful use of drawings and illustrations coupled with descriptive examples and information provides a good understanding of canine architecture. This is not just a reference guide, but the authoritative source for all terms used to describe any aspect of the dog.
Carmen L. Battaglia, PhD., author of Breeding Better Dogs and Breeding Dogs to Win. AKC Director, Chairman National Genetics Committee (German Shepherd Dog Club of America), researcher and lecturer

Endorsed by: Patricia Craige Trotter, Vin-Melca Norwegian Elkhounds, AKC Hound Group Breeder of the Year - 2004
Ed and Pat Gilbert share a lifetime of accumulated dog knowledge in Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology. The Gilberts bring their experiences as judges and breeders to the reader, utilizing fabulous illustrations to augment the written word. This is a “must-own” reference book for the serious dog fancier!
Patricia Craige Trotter, Vin-Melca Norwegian Elkhounds, AKC 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award (Conformation), AKC Hound Group Breeder of the Year - 2004, AKC Judge, Author: Born to Win, Breed to Succeed, Dog Woman of the Year 1991, Dog Writer of the Year 1998, Dog Seminar Presenter

Endorsed by: James G. Reynolds, CKC All-Breed Judge, Renaldo Kennels: Scottish Terriers.
The canine world is continuously expanding both in breeders and exhibitors and their quest for knowledge. All too often the material presented is in fragments and difficult to access both in location and clarity of language. The Gilberts’ encyclopedia has effectively met these challenges and provides a ready access for the student. The fact that it is written by “dog people” who have both knowledge and experience makes it a valuable resource for the aficionado be they a handler, breeder or judge.
James G. Reynolds, CKC All-Breed Judge, permitted AKC All-Breed Judge, Renaldo Kennels: Scottish Terriers. He has judged in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jakarta, Japan, Korea, Norway, Peru, Sweden, Ukraine and the USA.