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Honorable Mention,  1967 ,DWAA
Best Dog Book of the Year,
Out of Print
Fourth Edition
Third Edition,  2010
Dogwise Publishing
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The Complete Afghan Hound, Constance O. Miller & Edward M. Gilbert Jr.,
Howell Book House (Out of Print)
Honorable Mention - 1967 DWAA Best Dog Book of the Year

"Fascinating reading!...a storehouse of more information and data than any one head can hold...a book you will live with long after the first reading."-  Joanne R. Montesano, Past President Afghan Hound Club of America

"If you own An Afghan Hound and could have but one book in your library - this is the book!"- Donald A. Smith, Past President Afghan Hound Club of America

K-9 Structure & Terminology
Edward M. Gilbert Jr. & Thelma R. Brown, 2001, Dogwise Publishing, Wenatchee , WA

"Your book has now been read from cover to cover. What can I say!  Wonderful fascinating, why can't more people read this book and use the information? When you enter your first dog show, K-9 Structure & Terminology should be a compulsory purchase." - Donna McDougall, Adstock Pointers, Great Britain, Veterinary Surgeon, holder  of a judging diploma with a distinction and a Post Graduate Certificate in Ed ucation, Senior Lecturer at the Norfolk College of Agriculture, Committee Member of the Pointer Club

"There is a need for a comprehensive, conclusive book on canine structure and terminology. This book fills that need...It flows and whets the appetite for the next page and the next...Reading K-9 Structure & Terminology has been a stimulating expreience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and know you will as well." - William Bergum, Former Director, The American Kennel Club, AKC Judge – Sporting Group, Hound Group, 12 Working Breeds, Terrier Group, Toy  Group, Non-Sporting Group, 12 Herding Breeds, Misc. Breeds and BIS.

"If you wish to begin or advance your knowledge of canine conformation, K-9 Structure & Terminology provides an integrated, comprehensive description of the details and concepts of canine variation. And it does so with a clear focus on the importance of establishing a common terminology that can be understood and applied. ...Buy the book. Enjoy it, and let's talk comprehensively about canine conformation..."
- James W. Edwards, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, Emeritus, Salem College, Former Director; Judging Research & Development, The American Kennel Club, AKC Judge – Pointers, Hound Group, 4 Working breeds, 3 Terrier breeds, 8 Toy breeds, 3 Non-Sporting breeds, 3 Herding breeds, Misc. Breeds, BIS and JS

"Every person active in the  dog world can gain for its content and I encourage all to include this one in your canine library...All of us in the dog world should strive for perfection, if only to maintain our focus on improving the quality of purebred dogs. ...This book is an excellent guide in our unending quest of applicable knowledge."
- Pat Hastings, Lecturer, Producer, Author, Producer of "Puppy Puzzle Video", Author of "Tricks of the Trade- From Best Intentions to Best in Show." AKC Judge - Working Group, 22 Terrier breeds, Toy Poodles, Non-Sporting Group, Herding Group, Misc. Breeds, BIS and JS

"This book, K-9 Structure & Terminology, is a must for anyone interested in showing, breeding or judging dogs...The terms used in the book are not technical but, rather, the authors have made an effort to use the terms commonly used by dog fanciers. K-9 Structure & Terminology is a book that can't nor, indeed shouldn't, be read just once. It should be read by fanciers several times a year as there is too much information to assimilate in just one reading. Throughout the book it is stressed that each breed is different in its structure, movement and original function...I strongly recommend that K-9 Structure & Terminology should become a valuable part of any fanciers library."
- Gillian Brockie , New Zealand , Canine Book Reviewer and Whippet Breeder

"A MUST book for all judges is K-9 Structure & Terminology-Gilbert/Brown. It should be considered required reading for all."- Shirley Justus, AKC Judge - Scottish Terriers, Toy Poodles, 13 Non-Sporting Breeds, JS

Review of K-9 Structure & Terminology
Finding K-9 Structure & Terminology fascinating. Joe and I read together in the mornings and then discuss. Getting through books this way is a much slower process but to us it is more enjoyable. We are both very interested in this book.  Joe comes from an engineering family so he easily visualizes technical explanations. I am a little more challenged in this area.  However, even with your engineering background you are still able to use words successfully to communicate your ideas to someone like me. That is a gift.
I have sat ringside for nearly thirty years observing different breeds. I do enjoy watching performance as well. There, it seems much easier for me to see good and bad breed structure. I have also enjoyed studying many, many training sessions of all kinds throughout those thirty years. Sadly, I have watched as some repetitive methods that (I feel) can be damaging. This seems especially true in timed events as agility. The top competitors in this sport require a lot of their dogs. It is interesting to see different breeds with different fronts take those quick turns. Breeds like the Doberman are pulled down quickly out of jumps to prevent "hang time".  I find this to be a sin as big, beautiful jumps are, in my mind the mark of the true Doberman. I have had Dobermans jumping big well into their old age never having trouble. Today I see many problems in younger Dobermans who are forced to do what their body is not designed to do.  It is often not the breed or the breeder. It is handlers who do not understand the purpose of breed and how it affects the way that dog works.Your book can help this problem.
In my opinion this is why your book is a must read. No one who has come into the purebred world in the past twenty years understands the uniqueness of our breeds. Your book demonstrates those differences. We need to be able to grasp the meaning of what a breed is.  The problem with preserving Standards is that new people do not even understand them. Today we breed by numbers and teach by test. There is no depth of knowledge. Breed education must be the most important purpose in every parent club. This I strongly feel can only be taught by those who have had more than thirty SUCCESSFUL years in a breed. I would love to see "mentor" sites for each breed. These sites need to convey the history of our breeds in order to instill the passion to preserve it.  Lack of education will be the destruction of our breeds.
Thanks for the book recommendations! CinDee Byer

"Read, think and be challenged."
- Edward M. Gilbert. Jr., Author,  Lecturer, Writer and AKC Judge
The Heritage of the Afghan Hound CD

Trace The Heritage of the Afghan Hound from its country of origin to the UK  and to the US. Contains over 500 photos.

A portion of the proceeds go to the Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue and to the AKC Canine Health Foundation

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