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The mission and goal of Gilberts' K-9 Seminars is to serve breeders, conformation and performance exhibitors, handlers, trainers, judges and other enthusiasts who comprise the sport of purebred dogs through educational Seminars. These educational Seminars provide comprehensive and conclusive information on canine structure and movement. This information promotes the showing and breeding for type and function of purebred dogs based on breed specific facts. Attendees will become independent thinkers and will be challenged to properly evaluate dogs. Thereby preparing them to be a more intelligent breeder, exhibitor, handler and judge.

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Gilberts Win 2007 DWAA Ottawa Kennel Club/Bob Cole Special Award

Flat-Coated Retriever National Gilberts' K-9 Seminar Report

Accept Responsibility For Yourself and Dogs, by Pat Gilbert
Advice/Perspectives on Dog Shows, By Pat Gilbert
Are You Challenged as a Handler?, By Pat Gilbert
Baiting - The Judges Speak Out, By E.M. Gilbert, Jr.
Canine Flu - Showing, By Pat Gilbert
Can Puppy Bones Be Affected in Agility?, By E.M. Gilbert
Cavaletti Training, By Pat Gilbert
Coat Upkeep & Maintenance of Drop-Coated Breeds Part 1 of 2, by Patricia H. Gilbert
Coat Upkeep & Maintenance of Drop-Coated Breeds Part 2 of 2, by Patricia H. Gilbert
Conditioning of the Weekend Warrior Sighthound, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Day of Show Hard Coat With Leggings Presentation, By Pat Gilbert
Grooming Perspectives – The Right Way, By Patricia Gilbert
Handling - Leash Placement, By Patricia H. Gilbert
How To Develop First and Second Thighs, By Pat Gilbert
Judging Perspective for Exhibitors or Put Yourself in the Judge's Shoes, By Patricia H. Gilbert
More on Baiting - The Judges Speak Out, By E.M. Gilbert Jr.
Owner/Handler Advantage, By Pat Gilbert
Responses To Bait or Not To Bait, By Readers and Pat Gilbert
Running On Beaches Is Wonderful For Many Things, By Pat Gilbert
Running Scared, By Pat Gilbert
Show Training A Puppy, By Pat Gilbert
Showing A Champion As A First Showdog, By Pat Gilbert
To Bait or Not To Bait, By Pat Gilbert
Trimming Dog Nails, By Pat Gilbert
Visiting The Vet and Establishing A Working Relationship, By Pat Gilbert

Afghan Hound - Questions Answered, By Patricia H. Gilbert
A Judge's Responsibility to the Breed Standard, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
American Foxhound - Questions Answered, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Basenji - Questions Answered, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Cane Corso's Introduction Into The AKC World, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Correctly Judging To The Standard, By William Usherwood
Dachshunds - Questions Answered, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Do Judges Now Need An Advanced Grooming Degree?, By Pat Gilbert
Judges Take Care, By Patricia H. Gilbert
How To Judge With A Physical Challenge, By Pat Gilbert
Judges Must Prioritize And Uphold The Standards As Intended By The Parent Club, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Judges That Also Exhibit!, By E. M. Gilbert, Jr.
Judging of the Chow Chow, a Positive Approach, By Love Banghart
Measuring Tools - The Hands and Eyes of a Judge, By Pat Gilbert
Remembering Ellsworth Gamble, By E.M. Gilbert, Jr.
Response to Do Judges Now Need An Advance Grooming Degree?, By Reader & Pat Gilbert
Rhodesian Ridgeback - Questions Answered, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Saluki - Questions Answered, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Table For Two - Saucer of Milk For One, By Patricia H. Gilbert
The New Yorkshire Terrier Standard and Its Implications, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Toy Breed Examination, By Patricia H. Gilbert
What Makes A Good Judge, By Pat Gilbert
Where Are The Withers?, by Pat Gilbert
Whippet - Questions Answered, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Withholding Winners, By E.M.Gilbert, Jr.

AKC Invests $I Millon Plus Of Genetic Research – HSUS And PETA Invest Nada, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
AKC Responsible Breeder
As Mother Said: “Watch Your Language.”, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Boxer Forequarters and Its Function, By Edward M. Gilbert, Jr.
Bloat Tips, By Pat Trotter
Breed Preservation or Breed Improvement?, By E. M. Gilbert, Jr.
Breed Rescue - The Case For Purebred Dog Breeders, By Dan Sayers
Breed Standards Are Required to Keep On Track,By Pat Gilbert
Breeders Responsibility, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Breeding, Judging and the Future Of The Sport, By E.M. Gilbert, Jr.
Can A Neck Be Too Long?, By Paricia H. Gilbert
Caution - Changing the Breed Standard, By Pat Gilbert
Change the Breed Standards Reader's Questions & Response, By Pat Gilbert
Coastwise Kennel Code of Beatice and Major GodsolReport By Ed Gilbert
The Controversial Dewlap of the Alaskan Malamute, By Nancy Russell, Storm Kloud Kennel
Correlation Between Hip Dysplasia (HD) and Other Problems and So much More, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Dog World Etiquette 101, by Pat Gilbert
Endangered & Threatened Purebred Dog Breed in the US, By Edward M. Gilbert Jr. & Patricia H. Gilbert
Hormones in Lotions - Beware, by Patricia H. Gilbert
Incorrect VS Correct Judge's Perspective on Breed Education, By Pat Gilbert
Just Because It Isn't Necessarily So, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Language is Important - Words Have Meaning, By E.M. Gilbert, Jr.
Motels, Pick Ups, and Dog Shows, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Out At The Elbows, By Edward M. Gilbert, Jr.
Pacing Update, By Edward M. Gilbert Jr.
Pat’s Response to Negative Comments on Various E-mail Lists, By Pat Gilbert
PerceptionsWhat Did You Mean?, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Proposal to Improve Judging and to Improve Breed Type - Part 2,  By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Proposal to Improve Judging and to Improve Breed Type - Part 3, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Purebred Dog Health VS Animal Rights Dog Health, By E.M.Gilbert, Jr. Background Information - Link
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Potential Major Problem, By E.M. Gilbert, Jr.
Some Thoughts On Horses VS Dogs, By Pat Gilbert
Tail Docking, By Pat Gilbert
The Dumbing Down And Control Of The Language We Use, By Pat Gilbert
The History and Lore of the English Foxhound, by Patricia H. Gilbert
The Match Show and The Dodo Bird, By Pat Gilbert
The Match Show And The Dodo Bird Continued, By Edward M. Gilbert. Jr.
Think It Can't Happen Here in "The Land of the Free"?, By Edward M. Gilbert, Jr.
Thoughts on Pacing, By Ed & Pat Gilbert
Tradition, Leadership and The American Kennel Club
We Need Integrity, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Why Care?, By E. M. Gilbert Jr
Why We Still Have Faults, discussion with Pat Gilbert

AKC Breeds Divided by Varieties
AKC Breeds Requiring Full Dentition
AKC Ramp Breeds
AKC Table Breeds
AKC Breeds Where Tail Docking Is Optional, By E. M. Gilbert, Jr.
Bloat Tips, By Pat Trotter
Check List for Traveling With Your Dog(s), By Pat Gilbert
Cold Weather Check List - Traveling With Your Dog(s) to a Show, By Pat Gilbert
Flying With Dogs, By Pat Gilbert
Hot Tip For Dog And Cat Owners, By Pat Gilbert
Parent Club Awards
Some Dog - Horse Comparisons or Differences, By E. M. Gilbert, Jr.

ABC's of Dog Breeding - by Claudia Waller Orlandi Ph.D. - Book Review, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
An Eye for a Dog, Illustrated Guide to Judging Purebred Dogs, Written and Illustrated by Robert W. Cole - Book Review, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development, Written by Pat  Hastings - Book Review, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Best in Show, The World of Show Dogs and Dog Shows, Kennel Club Books, A Division of Bow Tie Inc. 2008, By Bo Bengston, Book Review, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Dog Painting, A History of The Dog In Art, By William Secord, Book Review, by E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Dogsteps Video, By Rachel Page Elliot - Video Review, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
From Hoofbeats To Dogsteps, A Life Of Listening To and Learning From Animals, By Rachel Page Elliott - Book Review, By E. M. Gilbert Jr
K-9 Structure & Terminology, Gilbert & Brown - Book Review - By Nancy Smith
Rhodesian Ridgeback Pioneers, By Linda Costa - Book Review, By E.M. Gilbert, Jr.
Recommended Reading List
Rules, Policies and Guidelines for Conformation Dog Show Judges, American Kennel Club, 2007 - Booklet Report, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.

A Courageous and Fearless Little Breed, (Non-Fiction Humor), By Pat Gilbert
Amazing Dog Judging Experience, (Non-Fiction Humor), By Pat Gilbert
Canine Sexists Threaten Vandalism at California State Capitol, By Pat Gilbert
Dog Show Advertising - Humor
Dog Show Quotes - Humor
Handlers Note - New AKC Bait Rules - Libbye Miller, a vet in  KY
Infamous 45 Degrees Definitively Defined, (Non-Fiction Humor), By Pat Gilbert
Look Mom! I'm on TV!, (Non-Fiction Humor), By Pat Gilbert
Seminar Comment
SFO Airport Announcements - (Non-Fiction Humor), by Pat Gilbert
Still Learning - Humor
The AKC Ten Commandments for Dog Show Judges 2010, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
WOW Comments

Dog Legislation Council of Canada
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Operation Smile Helps Dog Fancier, By Patricia H. Gilbert
Westminster Kennel Club Angels on a Leash
Westminster Not Just A Kennel Club, By Ed Gilbert, Jr.



JUNIORS CORNER - Link to Pages
Bernese Mountain Dog Club National Specialty - Juniors, By Amy Johnson
Best Junior Report Bernese Mountain Dog Club National, By Taylor Rosling
California 2008 Junior Handling Judging, By Peri Norman
Discussion On Juniors and Judging, By Patricia H. Gilbert
From My Perspective, (Guest Junior), By Mavis Greenhill
Gilberts' Juniors Policy, Great Break for Juniors at all Gilberts' K-9 Seminars
Jan. 2009 Newsletter Juniors Responses, By Various Authors
Junior Showmanship Open Senior Dog Quality, by Pat Gilbert
Junior Shows at Westminster, (Guest Junior), By Mavis Greenhill
Model Junior Showmanship Program For A National Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America, By Amy Johnson
Montana Fall Roundup Cluster Recognizes Juniors
Pug Dog Club of America Letter to Junior Showmanship Judges


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